Sunday, May 23, 2010

Wall Envy

I've been noticing a ton of 3-Dimensionality on walls lately. I think people are bored with flat surfaces, are completely over decorative finishes and are looking to create walls with punch! That means walls completely covered in everything from framed mirrors to paper cut-outs. I was watching 9 By new fave reality tv show. It's on Bravo. Check it out of you haven't yet... and designer Cortney Novogratz covered a client's office walls with about a hundred different colored hard hats. Makes sense because the client is a developer. I think we're going to see this concept of thinking outside the proverbial box when it comes to walls for a loooong time. Can't wait to see how the trend develops and where it goes...

For those of you who want just a bit of 3-d...turn to wallcovering designer Maya Romanoff. He is such an innovator when it comes to creating his products... Glass beads, oyster shells, even wood veneer and leather. Major sophistication and definitely unique. The cut paper flower blossoms depicted (above left) were something the Maya Romanoff team developed for the stairwell of a recent show house... Love it!!!

Mirror, Mirror on the wall! (top image)
Maya Romanoff "paper"... (bottom image)


  1. I like the idea of doing something on the walls other than painting or "faux finishing" the walls. Its a way of expressing and taking the design to another level. Saying that, people sometimes don't want to commit or step outside the norm, boring! Life is too short to be scared, we need to have fun and be more creative! Love 9 by Design they are so out there and the kids are so cute! These two designers are not afraid to express their point of view!

  2. hey Jessie, love the mirrored wall! So dramatic and adds lots of lovely light. What a great way to make a room really interesting.