Sunday, January 24, 2010

Sleeping In

I slept until noon today. Okay... I just lied. I slept until TWO today. Maybe it was the heavy rain pattering outside my window, or maybe it was the really good wine I had at dinner last night to celebrate my friend's 40th. Whatever the reason, I obviously needed the sleep, and it felt really good.

(Photo: Ann Gish, from her "Ready To Bed" Collection)

I'm actually lounging in bed right now as I write this post...another reason why I love my job...and it made me think of what's really important when designing one's bedroom. When I was married, my husband and I always decorated the public spaces of our houses before tackling our own "sacred space". (Maybe that's why we're divorced, but I digress). We didn't realize how important one's bedroom is to the necessary daily processes of unwinding and rejuvenating. Designing your bedroom should never be an afterthought. It should always be numero uno on the list.

And as far as stretching your dollar is concerned, consider the functional, foundational aspects of your bedroom (i.e., a proper mattress) your top priority and investment.

Have you ever been a guest in a beautiful bedroom, only to toss and turn all night because the mattress is hard, springy and uncomfortable? I have had many clients over the years invest in gorgeous, very expensive bedroom furnishings, but insist on keeping their 30 year old crappy mattress. It makes no sense to me. No matter how beautiful looking your bedroom is, you're not going to enjoy it if you can't sleep well. Usually a worn out mattress is the culprit.

Ones to consider investing in are Kingsdown and Duxiana. These are definitely high-end mattress lines, but are well worth the dollars. Don't get sticker shock. Their construction, technology and materials used are far superior to more recognizable name brands. Sorry, but it's true. I haven't slept on that foamy Tempur-Pedic thing, but friends who have purchased it, swear by it. And, for those of you who are more budget conscious...and who isn't these days?... I slept on a bed at a Renaissance Hotel recently (they're owned by Marriott) and my bed was awesome. It was a Sealy Posturpedic, and you can purchase the exact mattress and all of the divine bedding that went with it on the hotel's website.

Another area where people get confused is the actual bed linens. First of all, you need to know that thread count is not as important as thread content and weave construction. Don't be fooled. 1500 thread count doesn't really mean anything if the thread is crap. Most people love 100% Egyptian cotton. Percale is the finest, but I love sateen (not satin). Sateen is a type of weave that produces a very soft, smooth feel. With sateen, you can usually get a really nice feel with a lesser thread count and a lesser amount of money. But... you haven't lived until you've slept on 100% linen sheets that have been washed multiple times for extra softness. Yummy. Put it on your 'bucket list'.

Two companies that I think are the King and Queen of the bedding industry are Frette Linens from Italy and Ann Gish. We're talking pricey stuff here, but again, well worth the investment. Fine silks, cottons and linens in beautiful, elegant, classic designs that won't go out of style any time soon. When you think about the yardages of fabrics, the fine detailing and design, and the many years of enjoyment you will get out of it, the money begins to make complete sense. Ann Gish offers a "Ready To Bed" line that is a bit less expensive than her more couture brand, but you will still end up dropping a few thousand on a complete bedding ensemble.

(Photo: Ann Gish's signature Seaflower Pillows)

(Photo: Frette Linen's example of a perfect room for a rainy day!)


  1. Hi Jessie! I lov the post. I just spoke at a Decorating your Bedroom Class and advise almost the same...not with the hi end mattresses, but how important is the way you decorate the bedroom, that it should be the first thin, in my opinion that you should decorate so you can start your day refresh and ready and also how important are the bed linens...wish I had this photos!

  2. I guess I can't spell, but to be honest I hate the small keyboard of the mini computer I have downstairs in my kitchen. Hate it!