Saturday, March 7, 2009

Children's Spaces

I had the pleasure of interviewing Katharine Miller of Doodle Bug Designs on Love Your Space yesterday. I've known Katharine for a couple of years...She attended Vanguard, but was already well on her way before she started taking design classes with us. She had been doing murals and interiors for a while before deciding to take things to the next level professionally. Since then, she's been published a few times and an interior project of hers is going to be featured in an upcoming Southern Living!...Yay Katharine! She had some great tips for children's rooms on the show. They included:
1. Listening to your children's ideas and trying to incorporate them! If your child loves his/her room, they are more apt to stay in it at night instead of in YOUR room! ;-)

2. Avoid children's themes... cartoon characters, rainbows, etc. will grow tiresome quickly. Instead, graphic patterns and/or slightly more sophisticated color schemes than the typical will have more longevity and you won't find yourself redoing the room every two-three years!

3. The trend is toward "hip, edgey, more modern" designs. Take a typical pink and white color scheme and throw in an unexpected jolt of orange or acid green.

You can check out Katharine's work at and hear the archive of her March 6th interview starting next week at or on iTunes.

In the mean time, here are a few examples of her fun, colorful work!

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