Friday, February 20, 2009

My Soul's Inspiration

Today on my radio show, "Love Your Space", I answered design questions from listeners across the country. Lots of people ask me about current, hot design trends. It amazes me that there are still many people out there who think that they "should" be decorating based on what other people deem fashionable.

I totally disagree!... Instead we should look at what we find emotionally fulfilling and inspiring and draw our design sense from that inspiration. Wanna see mine?? It's pretty simple, actually, and there are many of you who are inspired by the same thing... The ocean!

From my life experiences growing up on Long Island, I find total comfort by the sea and seeing/touching seaside imagery. From my memories and visions, I am able to draw upon colors, textures, shapes (even sounds and scents) that nurture my spirit and keep me feeling ALIVE! I am sure to surround myself with these elements when I decorate. So???... What is YOUR inspiration? I'd love to know!

1 comment:

  1. I am inspired daily by something different. Today, a rock collection- which will become paint finishes:) Who knows what tomorrow will bring!